House Of Sacks

Our company is 100% black owned with 50% of its top management being Females. We believe in sourcing our biodegradable products as part of the larger global community working together to reduce world pollution. As a company,  we have also strategically hand-picked our suppliers with careful thought & we have nurtured a good working relationship over the years, because we believe they are bettering the economy of our country by playing a part in the reduction of unemployment and consequent alleviation of poverty in disadvantaged communities. As a company, our printing service providers have also taken careful thought in sourcing out some of the best locally produced inks for their printing. Our product adds value to the local market by making use of local services. 

We have credibility with local service providers that we use as a backup to deliver the product to the client on time. House of Sacks has an extended team/ third party entities of 20+ employees.These include delivery services providers , product supplier stockist, product printing services, retail receiving personals, and other service providers. We believe that we are a company that is very conscious and we have proved over the years that we work with a strong sense of heart and grounded values to our stakeholders.

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